pcMedix Instant HouseCall Remote Computer Support

Is your computer running slow, acting strange or not performing properly?

Are Spammers filling your email "inbox" with a ton of junk mail?

Do you have viruses, worms, spyware hiding on your hard drive?

Don't know if you are properly protected? Want to "fly under the radar"?

Thinking about adding a "firewall" to your line of defence against the bad guys?

Instant Housecall Remote Support Software

Instant Housecall Remote Support

pcMedix Remote Housecall Technical Computer Support is just a single phone call or email away!

Protect your PC from today's Internet threats and the new threats of tomorrow!

Initiating Instant HouseCall Remote Support on your PC

Call me at 604-800-6810 or Email Me

Describe your computer problem.
If I think I can fix your problem/s we'll start an

  Instant HouseCall Session.... 

  This is how Instant HouseCall works...

Only three simple steps as described below!

Step 1: You download Instant HouseCall

Then you Run Instant HouseCall

Step 2: You type a request and accept terms (my session rate, your name & email address)

Step 3: You click Invite.  

A secure session is created instantly between your PC and mine.

This is the view I get of your computer desk top. The turquoise screen is your desk top over top of my computer desk top. I am able to click on desk top icons, peruse your hard drive, view programs on your PC - in general I have complete access to your computer using my mouse and keyboard.

I can view and access your PC from my computer... Instantly!

When the problem has been solved the connection is terminated. Either person can terminate.

On your PC a window appears indicating the termination of the session.
(I cannot log back in again unless your authorize me!!)

Instant Housecall Remote Support Software

It's really that simple. You now have access to instant help to solve your computer problems. No waiting for a computer tech to visit your residence or business to work on your PC.

Instant Housecall Remote Support

 Start Instant HouseCall by phoning 604-800-6810 today,
or email Gord
 to arrange a suitable time:

Remote Computer Support Charges:  

1. my hourly rate for Remote Instant Housecall Service is $60 per hour

2. Minimum session time is 15 minutes, then billed in 5 minute increments

 Credit cards and eCheck payments accepted using PayPal
(established and pre-approved Clients will be billed by email and may send me a cheque)
Email Gord to arrange payment:

Instant Housecall Payments Accepted through PayPal - fast, secure and confidential!

Updated: January 02, 2015